Top 10 Scottish travel bloggers showcasing the best of Scotland

Top 10 Scottish travel bloggers showcasing the best of Scotland

If you’re planning to visit Scotland and you want to get the best out of your trip you’ve come to the right place. Scotland is a beautiful destination with friendly people, vibrant cities, historical attractions, picturesque lochs, beautiful islands, diverse wildlife, breath-taking views, and mouth-watering traditional cuisine to experience during your travels.

The Go-Hi team have compiled a list of the top 10 Scottish travel bloggers and influencers that are showcasing the very best that Scotland offers through their eyes to help you plan your perfect vacation. Within this list you’ll find some of Scotland’s most experienced and insightful bloggers, content creators and photographers, and in some cases their adorable four-legged travel companions as well!

Most of these lads and lassies are focused on writing about their travels in and around Scotland, with some choosing to expand their content to include their journeys further afield. They offer expert advice, tips and recommendations on the best things to do, places to eat, and destinations to explore throughout the country.

We’ve included links to their websites and social channels, so be sure to check them all out and use their experiences to your advantage. If you feel inspired, then please give them a follow.

Scotland with the Wee White Dug

Scotland with the Wee White Dug - Go-Hi Scotland Travel App

Our first influencer Samantha (Sam), is a Lowland Scot from Edinburgh who started out as a hobby photographer after downloading Instagram in 2011. Since then, she has travelled all over Scotland, photographing the country’s spectacular landscape and sharing a more detailed account of her beautiful homeland via her Scottish travel blog ‘Scotland with the Wee White Dug’.

Sam’s blog is packed with useful information on places to stay, eat and things to see and do in Scotland. Her travel companions include her husband Alex and their Westie Casper (aka the Wee White Dug), who is the star of the operation. The great outdoors is Sam’s happy place. She adores hiking and has been known to scale a munro or two. She’s happiest when surrounded by lochs and mountains, or wandering on a remote Scottish beach.

Instagram: (50,652 followers)
Twitter: (6,613 followers)
Facebook: (112,000 followers)

Travels with a Kilt

Travels with a Kilt - Go-Hi Scotland Travel App

Neil is a Scotland travel writer, experienced broadcaster and digital marketing consultant based in the Highlands and Glasgow, who loves nothing more than donning his kilt and heading to the hills. Having originally started out writing about international travel in 2012, Neil decided to swap the life in a suitcase a year later to focus on his ever-expanding Scotland travel blog ‘Travels with a Kilt’.

Neil spends a lot of time on the road poking about ruins, scaling peaks, studying castles, visiting coastlines, running around after his drone and promoting the very best that Scotland has to offer the world in every way he knows how. He provides Scotland-wide coverage with his writing, photography and videos aiming to find the very best standards for his readers and followers.

Instagram: (23,591 followers)
Twitter: (15,805 followers)
Facebook: (12,761 followers)

The Aye Life

The Aye Life - Go-Hi Scotland Travel App

Meet Victoria and Scott, they became Scottish bloggers overnight when they created their travel and lifestyle blog ‘The Aye Life’, which is the Scottish equivalent of the good life. They decided to make the leap to a fancy-free life in 2021, selling their house and trading it for a dream life on the road in search of Coorie and Craic.

They describe ‘Coorie’ as a Scottish phrase with various meanings, including ‘cosy’ and ‘snuggling in,’ it also defines the type of Scottish lifestyle that The Aye Life is all about. Wild swims, big bonnie lochs, hearty scran and the ‘cooriest’ of Scottish surroundings. The term ‘Craic’ describes the kind of banter that they have on a daily basis. ‘Craic’ is laughs, great company and all kinds of Scottish fun and frolics. Tighten your braces and pour a heavy dram, cause you’re in for a ride!

Instagram: (22,275 followers)
Twitter: (31,033 followers)
Facebook: (7,600 followers)

Adventures around Scotland

go-hi travel app adventures around scotland

Susanne started her Scotland travel blog ‘Adventures around Scotland‘ back in 2014 with the aim of inspiring people to visit Scotland and encouraging locals to venture out and explore the wonders and natural beauty of their amazing homeland beyond the typical tourist spots.

Suzanne’s travel blog includes a little bit of everything to help you plan a completely unique and memorable trip to Scotland, from off the beaten track outdoor adventures to quirky accommodation. Join Susanne on her exciting journey as she reveals a very different side of the country she loves to the world.

Instagram: (11,063 followers)
Twitter: (10,175 followers)
Facebook: (11,607 followers)

The Chaotic Scot

The Chaotic Scot - Go-Hi Scotland Travel App

Kay discovered a life changing passion for promoting Scotland’s beautiful scenery and rich history when she became a tour guide. She launched her Scottish travel blog ‘The Chaotic Scot’ in 2013, and five years later made the leap from day job to travelling around Scotland as a full-time travel blogger and itinerary planner.

Kay’s blog focuses on Scottish islands, cute and quirky places to stay, hearty food and how to travel around Scotland without a car. Her mission is to inspire fellow Scots and people from around the world to place Scotland at the top of their travel wish-list, and to experience the very best of what the country has to offer.

She regularly lives up to her ‘chaotic’ name, forgetting things, losing stuff, getting lost, sustaining injuries and, in Kay’s words, generally making an eejit of herself!

Instagram: (11,934 followers)
Twitter: (7,370 followers)
Facebook: (39,002 followers)

Love from Scotland

Love from Scotland - Go-Hi Scotland Travel App

Kate moved from the Peak District 23 years ago to set up a new home in bonnie Scotland. Her travel guide ‘Love from Scotland‘ showcases the best places to stay and how to get outside and experience the many delights that Scotland has to offer.

She is joined on her travels by partner Barry and their dog Hugo. You will often find them living on the Fife Coastal Path, bagging a munro, road-tripping to Scotland’s remotest corners, and cosying up in a luxury log cabin together. If you want to truly experience travelling around the real Scotland like a local, Kay’s travel guides will definitely point you in the right direction.

Instagram: (3,030 followers)
Twitter: (3,214 followers)
Facebook: (36,258 followers)

Watch Me See

Watch Me See - Go-Hi Scotland Travel App

Say hello to travel writer and photographer Kathi, a self-confessed ‘Scotland-lover-in-chief’ who moved to Glasgow in 2013 on a whim and fell madly in love with her new home. She started her travel website ‘Watch Me See‘ in 2016 to help visitors and native Scots plan their own epic Scotland adventures.

On her website you will find practical travel advice, detailed destination guides, itinerary suggestions, ideas for outdoor activities, hiking guides, tips for vegan travellers and lots of travel inspiration to fuel your wanderlust for Scotland. Wherever the road takes her, Kathi returns with a backpack full of stories for you to enjoy and helps you turn your dream of travelling to Scotland into reality.

Instagram: (9,391 followers)
Twitter: (2,081 followers)
Facebook: (5,800 followers)

Funky Ellas Travel

Funky Ellas Travel - Go-Hi Scotland Travel App

Nicola is a Scottish travel writer and blogger based in Kirkcaldy, Fife. She started her ‘Funky Ellas Travel‘ blog a few years ago, named after her late aunt Ella who inspired her to travel Scotland. Most of the time Nicola is joined on her journeys of discovery by her daughter Taylor and Border Collie Crusoe.

She loves nothing more than to seek out beautiful sunrises, hidden gems, amazing food, fascinating tales, and find things that are different, unusual and a bit funky. Her blog inspires readers to experience all kinds of exciting and wonderful things, like climbing mountains in the Highlands, swimming in lochs, drinking cocktails on a night out in Edinburgh, searching for wildlife in the wilderness up north, and discovering Scotland’s gripping history by visiting the many stunning castles and ancient villages.

Check out Nicola’s blog to experience the funky side of Scotland.

Instagram: (2,247 followers)
Twitter: (3,063 followers)
Facebook: (1,407 followers)

Full Stop Next Chapter

Full Stop Next Chapter - Go-Hi Scotland Travel App

Mel took her love affair with Scotland to the next level during an annual trip to Mull in 2015. She and her partner Jamie both decided on the ferry trip home to pack up their stuff and move to Perthshire as soon as possible. Seven months later Perthshire became their new home and Mel’s travel and lifestyle blog ‘Full Stop Next Chapter‘ was born.

Mel is a professional photographer and writes with passion for each destination she visits, capturing memories and sharing her adventures. She can often be found exploring glens, waterfalls, castles and coastal paths, visiting each part of these beautiful destinations, along with her new found love of wild swimming and Scottish gin!

Through Mel’s blog you will discover the wildlife, food, hiking, events and experiences that make Scotland one of the most incredible destinations in the world.

Instagram: (1,377 followers)
Twitter: (1,660 followers)
Facebook: (724 followers)

My Veggie Travels

My Veggie Travels - Go-Hi Scotland Travel App

Sarah is a travel writer, marketing adviser and blogger based in Edinburgh. She quit her job at 28 to travel around the world, settling in Thailand for two years before heading back home to Scotland. Since then, she has worked as a Freelance SEO specialist/Content Creator and Marketing Officer, whilst taking the opportunity to visit various places around the world she’s always wanted to see.

During her travels, Sarah loves nothing more than to find new budget-friendly destinations and seek out the best vegan-friendly travel spots and cruelty-free tourist attractions. Her travel blog ‘My Veggie Travels‘ includes advice, tips and guides on budget and vegan travel worldwide, with plenty of great content about Scotland.

Instagram: (5,780 followers)
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